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A Great Australia Success Story

Kambrook was founded in 1964 by Frank Bannigan, an Australian inventor with an obsession for electrical appliances and a mission to bring the price of quality products within everyone's reach. Frank converted his home garage into a workshop and named the company after the street he lived on. Kambrook set out to provide customers with practical products that would enhance everyday life. This philosophy quickly led to the invention of Kambrook's first major product – the 4-way power board, which Frank developed out of pure frustration – he did not have enough power points to test his products. It was a simple, low-cost and effective solution that became a worldwide hit. The power board was quickly followed by another invention – the plug-in electric timer. This device was originally designed to test the life of every Kambrook appliance, without physically having to switch it on and off.

By the late '70s, Frank's inventive mind turned to a revolutionary new idea: the plastic kettle. With better heat insulation than metal, the new kettle was cheaper and much safer. It proved another major Australian success story with sales of more than 250,000 kettles in the first year.

Kambrook fast became a household name in Australia when it took on the sponsorship of one of Australia's all-time favourite TV shows, "Young Talent Time," with the slogan, "It took Kambrook to think of it."

Another milestone came when Kambrook launched a range of home heaters. To demonstrate the new products' effectiveness, the company sent samples to Mawson station, Australia's research site in the world's most brutal testing environment – Antarctica.

Every Kambrook product is still built to the highest safety standards and performance levels, with extensive testing in the brand's Australian laboratories. It's the little extra features, like the tip-over switches on Kambrook heaters, that increase customer peace of mind.

The product range has now expanded into kitchen appliances, including slow cookers, frypans, rice cookers, food processors, blenders, mixers, toasters and kettles. The living room and bedroom are also catered for with vacuum cleaners, irons and electric blankets.

Today, every Kambrook product still lives up to Frank's original philosophy: affordable, quality appliances with far more features than you would expect at the price.

For more than 45 years, Kambrook has been a name you can rely on.